Valentine Boxes

 Did January may have felt like it had 2,345,579 days in it? It did over here but we have survived! Enter hearts, cupcakes, valentines and love! Time to shake off January and the Polar Vortex and enter February with renewed hope! Enter the Valentine boxes. There are so many cute pinterest-y ideas out there. My… Read More Valentine Boxes


Chasing Hygge

Am I the only person who has the Ally McBeal baby start dancing through her head every time some says Hygge? I might have lost some of you there so for  those who need a fresher reference it is also the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 so maybe you have an image… Read More Chasing Hygge

Ditch the Worksheet

Guide to your Best Art Museum Visit With Early Elementary Students Ever!

The fear is real. Priceless works of art. Hushed reverent tones drape the pristine halls. Add a bunch of curious, loud, sticky handed children who are still learning you don’t need to feel to see and you have an art museum field trip. However, exposing children to art early on is a privilege I just… Read More Guide to your Best Art Museum Visit With Early Elementary Students Ever!


Fall Blog Roundup

Who is feeling the fall chill in the air and getting excited? I love the seasonality of where I live. There is something about the way that the seasons cycle that is so comforting to me. A huge shoutout to my fellow bloggers who have joined me in this fun autumn roundup. Enjoy! I am… Read More Fall Blog Roundup