About Me







Greetings and Salutations! I’m Mali. Welcome to my crazy fun homeschool life with three fantastic kids. Daddy, grandma and a sneaky cat poke their heads in every now and then too! Don’t worry matching socks are always overrated here (I’m just happy if we leave the house with shirts, shoes, underwear and in semi weather appropriate garb!)  and despite my best planning life always seems to be imperfectly topsy turvy in the best way possible!

So what is this blog all about?

Connection  My goal is to share a homeschool model where connection and relationship is the driving force. Where family, a group of imperfect people, support, challenge and drive each other to learn through their love for each other even when life gets messy.

 Adventure I’m done with homeschool mom survival mode! It’s time to create an adult life that is the kind of life my kids cannot wait to live when they are adults!

Celebration Time to Celebrate! Rituals of celebration have the ability to instantly transform the glummest of days into magic!  They punctuate the grind of homeschooling and bring some enchantment and sparkle into the monotony of school in a way that is fun for everyone!

Joyful Assessment  Progress NOT perfection! I’m constantly challenging myself to bring you creative joyful ways to assess student’s progress and practice information I want to find ways to break away from the traditional worksheet in a time efficient way. A way that allows you to maintain sanity and connect with your kids every single day!

Humor I saw this meme that said, “My house is a mess so when you visit you feel better about your own housekeeping skills.” Well, I keep my homeschooling a mess so when you visit my blog you can feel better about your own homeschooling skills.  Kidding…. kind of! I hope you can stop by here and ignore your dishes (I guarantee there are some in my sink) Pour a cup of your favorite beverage and find a friend one who will listen, commiserate and laugh right alongside you!

So come join us! This blog is still under construction but I’d love to see you over on Instagram! My favorite place to share life!