Valentine Boxes

 Did January may have felt like it had 2,345,579 days in it? It did over here but we have survived! Enter hearts, cupcakes, valentines and love! Time to shake off January and the Polar Vortex and enter February with renewed hope!

Enter the Valentine boxes. There are so many cute pinterest-y ideas out there. My friend Cheryl has some seriously adorable ideas for a heart attack  (where you plaster cut out hearts on your children’s doors with notes of love) you should check it out it is so cute! 

However, since I struggle with things when I’m supposed to execute them every day I decided why not make Valentine’s boxes. That way we can enjoy sharing encouragement and love with each other and get our craft on! 

The materials are simple
– pretty paper
-washi tape
-tissue boxes

  1. Just empty the tissue boxes (save those tissues for sniffles) or play minute to win it like we did LOL. 
    2. Remove the plastic film at the hole of the box (hence the scissors)
    3. Decorate with your pretty paper and Washi Tape

And the end results are charming to say the least 🙂 But each kid is filled with so much joy as they write notes of encouragement to each other and I put one in every day too 🙂 A fun way to bring the love this February. 

Plus it is an easy way to sneak some writing in without anyone even realizing it. Happy February! 

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