Keeping the Home in Homeschooling

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
-Jane Austin

Why is home such a wonderful place?

Walking in the door just feels like an exhale doesn’t it? And as a home educator, I’m convinced it is a superior learning environment! In fact it is so effective that classrooms all over America and abroad often try to simulate the comforts of home as a way to achieve learning goals.  Everything from couches in classroom to reading forts and pillows are a simple way to manipulate the uniform coldness of a classroom into something that reminds students of home.

What makes home so awesome?

  • blankets
  • barefeet
  • laughter
  • predicability
  • noise and the ability to escape from it
  • tv
  • books
  • games
  • you can eat whenever you want to
  • Making choices about how you spend your time
  • cozy corners

How do we lay our unique homeschooling over top this template of comfort the comfort of home that already exists?

Do we have to destroy the feeling in order to homeschool effectively? No!  In fact let’s use all these comforts of home to create a happy homeschool!

  1. The Happy Strew: My goal is to start the day with happiness. So every night I want to set something up that is low stress and high fun for my kids to start their days. The key here is high interest activities. Sometimes simple, sometimes a bit complex. But mornings are stressful around here too often and instead of a mad rush of chores and getting dress I want to have a soft progression from sleep to school.
  2. The coffee cart. Nothing says comfort like a yummy beverage. So I literally set up a station to hold all of our delicious beverage options. Starting in August we are going to set out spa water options lemons, limes, fruit…..ice and water. Then as the seasons change, hot cider, hot tea, hot cocoa, hot coffee become options. We like to have add ins too. Whip cream, homemade marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, and sprinkles all make appearances. It is amazing how just a little special beverage makes such a difference!
  3. Snacks. It’s a line item in my budget. Snacks keep everyone happier. It is a fact.
  4. Cozy corners I’ve actually set up cozy spaces in our home designed to lure kids to their happy learning place. A fake fire with tons of pillows, blankets and a book shelf is a current favorite.
  5. Clip Boards. Each kid has a clip board they can use however they wish. We customized them with washi tape on the back for a non permanent decorating option!
  6. Fun school supplies. Glitter, rainbow pencils, modeling clay, paints, markers and lots of paper. That is what our school supplies look like. My goal is that we are always well stocked with the basics and I also leave some budget for those last minute items to try something new!
  7. Games. Classic games and new ones because they make for awesome school days. They don’t even need to be learning games. Every game teaches remarkable mental flexibility and strategy which helps with math, logic, cooperation and life!

In the end this is about maximizing the environment of home for learning, not turning home into something it is not.

Do you have questions? I would love to chat with you about this! Find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/imperfecthomeschooler/ send me a dm. I am there every single day and I’d love to follow you too!

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