15 Cans of Canned Tomatoes

It all started with a harmless note. You will need fifteen 10 oz cans for a project the kids are doing the second week in February. For most families that is totally doable.

But of course we aren’t most families, at least in the canned food arena.

I eat a Paleo diet because it manages some health issues I have, which means we don’t eat wheat, corn, rice, beans (the list goes on but I will spare you). I can my own tomatoes every summer so basically the only cans in our house are a few cans of coconut milk and a stray can of pumpkin.

Time to find a solution.

I did what any modern mom would do and I Amazon-primed it. However, when I realized Amazon was going to be a $50 solution (no way, not happening). I looked for a more local solution and considered dumpster diving through the neighborhood recycling bins. However, ultimately I decided against it because we are already the crazy homeschoolers, why add to the stereotype? Which led me to Aldi.

Do you shop Aldi? I love it there. It is a beautiful bargain hunters paradise. We absolutely adore it. And as I suspected they did indeed have the cans I was looking for (for .40 a can)

Here I had some options, but I didn’t think there was any possible way I could use 15 cans of green beans. We aren’t huge fans of green beans to begin with but canned green beans? Huge no. There is a slime factor that is hard to overcome there.  That left canned spinach (also a high slime factor) and canned tomatoes. Tie breaker went to tomatoes because apart from spinach dip I’m not sure how I could use 15 cans of spinach. However, with tomatoes there are options.

So we have 15 cans of tomatoes and 9 days to use them!

Day one I made Ree Drummond’s Restaurant Style Salsa it was a huge hit. I highly recommend it. It honestly tastes like the salsa they bring you before a meal at a Mexican restaurant. Yum. I use sweet potato chips or cucumbers to dip my family used corn chips. This is definitely going in my recipe file for future use! And 4 cans down!!

My mom diced an onion and sautéed it in a little bacon fat until the onions were translucent then poured in a can of tomatoes and let it warm up a bit. She said it was delicious. It smelled quite delicious.

The Takeaway

I wish I had some kind of big take away point for you. But I don’t. Sometimes ok a lot of times my week is about problem solving things that feel mundane. That go unnoticed and unappreciated. Everything from being keeper of the schedule. To trying to not let the laundry get too far behind. And figuring out how to get 15 cans without letting a lot of food go to waste. So whatever you tomato situation is this week. I see you. You are doing important work (even when it feels hard to convince yourself of that fact). Keep at it my friends and if no one is telling you this. I see you and I appreciate your effort.

So one day and 5 cans down. Stay tuned all week for how we use the rest of these tomatoes! And if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!

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