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Homeschool Planning for the Rebel Mom

True Confessions: This year is somewhat of a hot mess. Learning is happening and I’ve seen some really cool progress but it feels like I am schooling by the seat of my britches. Enter

Rebel Planning.
I am a rebel.

One characteristic of rebels according to Gretchen Rubin and her theory of the four tendencies of motivation is the resistance to outer and inner expectations. You can imagine what a challenge this brings to a homeschooling mama who hates the thought of any expectation binding her to a specific path for any amount of time. Add to that my Enneagram 4 and you get an idea of where I am operating from,  it is a weird world in my head.


Strict curriculum that set specific expectations for a daily schedule send me running for the hills (I always heavily modify them). And if anyone is having strong feelings you had better believe that we are going to stop and explore them. It is just how I roll.

However,  recently I have spent some time observing and chatting with my two youngest and one thing I realized is that they love to have lists. For them a list is a guarantee of my time with them and it provides reassurance that there is a plan.

So how do I mesh my rebel self and the need for individuality with my children and their need for some predictability?

Well I am using a notebook method with my younger two.

I include

-a schedule of outside of the house activities we are going to do
-a list of school subjects we are going to cover for the day.

What I don’t include

-specific page numbers
-a number of minutes

They both hugged the notebooks before bed so I must be on to something. But my rebel heart is content as well because things are vague so I can tweak the day as I go.

It is a small change but it is something that provides an anchor to my day. After we get home from all our activities, I simply sit down and plan out the day using notebooks, make my copies and gather materials then boom done.

So chime in all my rebel moms how do you plan? Let’s work at this together! 

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