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Meaningful No Prep Advent Activities

I love the holiday season. I truly do. It is so beautiful. Even a trip to the grocery store yields gasps of delight at the latest house that has put up a Christmas display.

But the holidays are busy. And the holidays put stress on mom. Too often I get wrapped up in the doing that I forget just being with my kids and focusing on the reason our family is celebrating. I am also not keen on adding one more thing to prepare to my growing to do list.

To that end, I have brainstormed 25 advent activities that don’t require anything much to complete. They are all things you can totally use little more than your computer and things your kids play with every single day. I promise that even the most un-crafty of us can find a way to use things that are laying around to make meaningful Christmas memories.

25 Low Stress Stay at Home Holiday  Activities:
                                                 aka The Shortcut to meaningful  Advent Activities

Make an advent wreath using things you have around your house.

Pop popcorn (or make a snack with something in your cupboards) and watch a holiday movie

Go outside and collect items from nature to make a Christmas tree on a piece of paper (size of your choosing)

Draw a map of Israel label Bethlehem.

Make a list of all the characters from the biblical Christmas story you can think of.

Memorize the second verse (or a verse you don’t know yet) of your favorite Christmas carol.

Research how people from the country your family comes from celebrate Christmas.

Find a new recipe (savory or sweet) and make it together as a family. Bonus points if you have all the ingredients in the house.

Ask every person in your family what their favorite Christmas cookie is. Make a cookie web (graphic organizer) to display your findings.

Research the origins of candy canes.

Cut snowflakes and decorate a window.

Find the temperature in Bethlehem and compare it to the temperature outside your front door. 

Draw the ugliest Christmas sweater ever. 

Make hot chocolate or tea or pour some juice and go on a walk around your neighborhood.

Make a paper chain for the number of days left until Christmas.

Light a candle and read

Sit in the glow of the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music.

Read ’Twas the Night Before Christmas or the entire Christmas Story. 

Use recyclables and make something Christmas themed (a tree, a star, a manger, etc)

Decorate the door of your room to make it festive.

Write a thank you note to your mail person or waste collectors.

Memorize Isaiah 9:6 or another verse to commemorate the holiday season.

Make a comic strip of your favorite part of the Christmas story (you can google blank comic strips)

Make a Christmas video using whatever recording equipment you have (iphone, ipad) or organize a play and perform it for your family.

Offer to do something extra for your mom to give her a special Christmas blessing.

Make a minecraft/lego/blocks christmas tree/manger scene/giant wreath.

So what do you think?

I would love to have you add to the list. What shortcut activities do you have?  Leave your ideas in the comments or hop on over to our facebook group and let’s discuss!

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