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Tidal Homeschooling: Your Questions Answered

What does tidal homeschooling look like in our house?

I get questions about how Melissa Wiley’s tidal homeschooling metaphor plays out in our house all the time so I thought I would answer your most asked questions!

What is tidal homeschooling?

I will direct you to Melissa Wiley’s blog for the definitive explanation. It is a fantastic resource! http://melissawiley.com/tidal-homeschooling/

What is the value of low tide? 

  1. To allow time for kids to have completely self directed learning. I fully believe in the need for high tide. It is important and special and it shows my kids how much I love them when I curate lessons just for them. But it is also important to meet their needs by allowing them to direct their own learning. To learn how they manage their own time when they don’t have any restrictions placed upon them. I get so much information from these times about what their passions and interests are. Things that I just wouldn’t know if I didn’t allow them to have undirected time.
  2. To give the brain some time to process high tide learning. Our brains need rest to operate at maximum efficiency. Constant input with no outlet leads to burn out. This is that time. And we always enter high tide learning with so much curiosity, drive and passion. It is worth taking the moment every single time.
  3. To allow our kids to get to know themselves better. We live in a society that prizes busy, efficient, high achievement it is so easy to forget about intentionally setting aside time for self reflection. By setting aside low tide time, we are modeling the value of slowing down, of taking care of yourself, and of introspection. And I’ll admit this last week has been really nice for me too. A happy mom=a happy homeschool.

What are the rules of low tide?

I don’t put any restrictions on my kid’s time during low tide. They can do what they like. If they need me they know where to find me.

We do continue with our commitments out of the house most of the time. But sometimes I limit those as well if my child requests to take a break from them as well.

How do you know when it is time to transition from one tide to the next?

I wish there was a golden number but it doesn’t work that way for us. I just watch my kids and watch our attitudes. When everyone seems to be on edge and there is lots of bickering, a lack of focus, lots of wandering and excuses I know that we need to change the tide. It works on both ends. Read the energy. And I might not nail it every time but I am getting better at it every time.

How do you transition between low tide back to high tide?

This isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Low tide is really energizing and when the high tide comes back in my kids are ready for it. This time I am going to do some crafty fun projects to cap off our time and bring a little bit of a hint that high tide is coming. But I have found that both tides are important and appreciated so when there is a change of tide it is met with celebration.

So that is how tidal schooling plays out here. If you are curious or have any homeschooling related questions please join my facebook group! It is a place where you can find encouragement, ask questions and unwind after a long day of homeschooling! Get in on the ground floor of the most exciting new homeschool hang out!

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