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September Round Up!

September Educational Tools Roundup

My September roundup of educational stuff that didn’t feel like school when we were using them! And how we are using them this month! I am including the Amazon Affiliate links because I know I always want to know exactly what someone is talking about when they are making recommendations to me. Here we go!

i-phone macro lens.

This has revolutionized our nature walks and turned into a habit of our homeschool day. It is really easy to use and each of my children have found some truly amazing shots using it. Bonus they are learning about photography while they learn about nature too. My son has shown a ton of improvement already. Such a simple practice that is absolutely exploding my kids’ minds about scientific study. I’m really excited to see where it takes us this year! I have linked the one we purchased below. There are also some that clip onto your phone but I was worried they would break. This one has been pretty indestructible so far.


Micro kites.

These things are a blast! It doesn’t take much of a breeze to get them flying and they provide hours of entertainment. They have a lot of dynamic movement and my kids got bored flying the big kites long before they wanted to stop flying the micros. An absolute must have if you are planning on going to the beach! They are also really inexpensive so that is a bonus in my mind! I linked one below but you can find them at Target too. So keep your eye out!


My 9 year old is absolutely obsessed. He is devouring each one joyously. I love it when a series absolutely captures him!

Butterfly hatching Kit

This was the hit of our summer. The kids absolutely love watching the butterflies transform. It was better than tv. I have to admit I was checking it hourly too. It is just too much fun!

And now we look forward to the Autumn season! I hope you join us!

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