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Fall Digi-Leaves!

Although the day is rainy and dreary outside, inside our house is being filled with beautiful fall leaves with a modern twist: Digi-leaves!

Why do the leaves change color in autumn?

As the days are growing shorter, the leaves stop making chlorophyll.  It isn’t efficient for deciduous trees  to keep their foliage through the winter.  As the chlorophyll production shuts down in leaves (because the days are shorter) the carotenoids and the anthocyanins are able to be seen in the leaves. So those beautiful colors we are starting to see are triggered by shorter days.

Welcoming Fall

We are welcoming fall with a digi leaf project! Even if it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet where you live you can get in on the fall fun with this fun simple project.

This is a fun simple way to entertain kids of all ages with a low on mess high on fun art project! It would be fun to tie in the work of Piet Mondrian and his involvement with the  De Stijl art movement if you want to take the project a little deeper.

I wanted to create a project that the whole family can get involved with so, I have created various leaf shapes and difficulty levels too so you can get out your colored pencils, markers or crayons and get coloring! Your house will look like a beautiful fall day in no time!

To get your digi leaf pages just fill out the form below and then check your email and you will find it delivered straight to your inbox!


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