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Brave Writer Lifestyle Planning from Behind

How do we implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle in our home?

You know Poetry Tea Time.

You are down with the Charlotte Mason style read alongs.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How do we implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle every day?

Here is an example of planning from behind!

This summer I definitely sent out an SOS to Brave Writer and thankfully I found a soft place to land in the midst of a very out of sync summer.

We started our Arrow journey this summer. I’ll be honest is was a rough start. I started by challenging my son to read the book and for us that means he reads aloud to me. I have found that with extroverts everything is a group activity. They don’t want to experience things alone! He is all about learning full on co-operatively!  But he was having a really rough time getting into the book even as we sat and read it together. I started to feel like the naggy mother with an agenda (icky icky gross not how I want to feel!!!)

So I did a dead stop. I returned the book to the library. And honestly I focused on our one thing. You can find more about the one thing principle here. For us it is a nature walk. We are in the middle of taking a nature walk a day for an entire year and I can tell you it is so revolutionary and absolutely amazing. And that is all we did that was school related. I literally did a full stop.

But then on a random Wednesday afternoon, I just put the Lemony Snicket audiobook on during lunch. Instead of turning it off while I went downstairs to work on some laundry I left it playing. Normally, I try to control the speed of how quickly we finish the books, but this afternoon I didn’t. I just let go and let him listen as long as he wanted. It turns out that he finished the book in one afternoon. And he has been talking about it ever since.

After dinner and our nature walk Super Madness we asked if he could start the copywork for the first week. And of course I obliged.  I asked if he would like to light a candle. And he did the first part of the copywork by candlelight and asked if he could light the candles every night and do the copywork.

Just like that, almost by accident a new routine is born.  Every night when it gets dark, he lights his candles and starts working on his copywork. I’m pretty sure in the Brave Writer world this is called planning from behind.

If we hand’t have been home, I would never have pulled it out and we wouldn’t have had the time to do it.  If I had objected and said, oh honey let’s do that tomorrow it is really bed time (which is what I wanted to say) I would have missed out.

Part of what I am learning in this whole year is that we foster learning. Every day all the time. We are always on the look out for it and we embrace it. As Julie Bogart often says inspiration is a fickle fleeting mistress. I am learning to always grab her when she visits.

And that is how the Brave Writer lifestyle works for us. Our most successful school years aren’t comprised of super detailed learning goals. Instead it is finding rhythms and routines that work for us. It is allowing ideas to percolate and then planning from behind.

Next week we add poetry tea time and the fun unstructured learning of summer continues. I would actually love to hear your favorite summer activities so post them in the comments!

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