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Year Round Schooling: Why do you do that to yourself?

Summer School:

Two words that send shivers down the spines of young and old alike.

A trend has been popping up among homeschoolers called year round school. It is a widespread trend encompassing everyone from unschoolers to classical and traditional homeschoolers. In some ways I credit Malcolm Gladwell’s inspired book Outliers for the boom (if you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it!) But whatever started the trend, it is alive and well among homeschool families!

I like to think that my educational philosophy is my own. That somehow I am crafting this unique experience for my kids that is tailored specifically to their own styles of learning. But I know that sometimes when I share that we don’t take a traditional summer break I feel misunderstood.

So why do we school year round? 

  1. My children turn into a roving band of marauding plunderers who move through my house destroying and pillaging when they don’t have something to do. Giving the kids a focus allows for a lot more peace in our house. I find that when we have some focused structured time the unstructured time is more enjoyable for them.
  2. Summer is HOT!!! No one wants to be outside in the heat of the day. It is miserable. We can get so much done soaking in the AC. It makes the whole family happy!
  3. We are more focused. Summertime is inspiring! Everyone gets a jolt of energy and inspiration. I like to ride the energy!

Now that being said, summer school does have a flavor all its own. Somehow the inherent adventure of summer sneaks its way into our school days.

  • Creek stomps
  • Music appreciation
  • Art study
  • Nature journaling
  • Poetry Tea Time
  • Library Summer Reading Program

There is no better time to ditch the worksheets than summer. And if you are thinking about trying on a new educational philosophy summer is a fantastic time to give it a whirl! After all, moms need some adventure too!

I also like to throw in new curriculums and subjects over the summer. Novelty keeps interest. Sometimes I think the monotony of school is what kids need a break from over the summer months not the learning. After all, kids learn in spite of us every single day. Summer seems to have its own sticks of schedule dynamite in the form of VBS, sports, play dates, park dates, vacations and the like so it definitely keeps things interesting and I find that we end up having a great break even while we explore some school subjects!

So do you school year round? I’d love to hear your motivation! Or the reasons you think it is crazy!! Talk to me!! Comment Below!

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