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UN-Roadtrip Through the 50 States

Summertime always makes me think of roadtrips. My legs sticking the the seats of the super hot car, gas station treats, the thousands of public restrooms I will get to tour with my kids, the sounds of he’s hitting me drifting from the backseat. Oh the memories made!

I would LOVE to go on the ultimate field trip and travel to all 50 states with my family. Then I think about how much time in the car that would actually be and I’m almost certain  1. someone would lose an eye 2. we would run out of DVDs or 3. we would find the end of my sanity before we reached Ohio.

So this summer we are taking a 50 state road trip through our beautiful country without even stepping foot outside of our house! How you ask? Through FOOD!!!

That is right. Food is my hook. I love geography and I’m always trying to find ways to capture my children’s interest (aka force my love of geography) on them.

Summer is the perfect time to mix things up and to make memories together. This is a learning adventure! Just like a roadtrip and my goal is to incorporate

  • maps
  • landmarks
  • landforms
  • cartography
  • regional party ideas
  • FOOD
  • online resources
  • scrapbook

I will have Pinterest boards full of easy to print resources. Recipes featuring cuisine from each state. Suggestions of how to create a meaningful scrapbook of memories and even some resource suggestions. Literary connections and even how to bring in celebrations by region! My goal is to keep it manageable and adventurous as well as collaborative! In the spirit of collaboration I’m going to make some fun hashtags so we can all follow each other on Instagram! I would love to share this experience with you! Comment below and tell me if you are in!! Let’s do this!



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