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Our Guide to Tea

Poetry Tea Time has opened my family to the wonderful world of really great tea. In fact my kids have become connoisseurs (that is a euphemism for tea snobs).  Everyone in my family has a favorite. I am going to link you to our favorites that you can find easily online! Cheers!

Super S’s favorite tea is this Earl Grey….hot double sweet. It is very well balanced for an Earl Grey. Fully of flavor but not as harsh as some of the other Earl Grey I have had. Super soothing and the tins make an excellent place to store treasures, like all the locust shells you have found over a summer and they might be a great way to scare your mom so much she screams when she opens it. Ah good times!

I-man The only choice for I-man is hot cocoa. And I warned you all he is a connoisseur. He likes to try new hot cocoas all the time. I’m pretty sure the bear on the front of the hot chocolate keep him coming back time and time again but this is a yummy hot cocoa and a delicious poetry tea time treat!

P-boat Chai is the only way to go for this girl. But she loves a lot of sugar and a lot of half and half too. It is really more of a dessert tea but it is spicy and delicious!

Grandma this is hands down the most delicious cinnamon tea on the market. It is like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into a cup of tea. It is also awesome iced with lemon (trust me on this one yum!)

My Hard Working Husband- Is a sweet ice tea kind of man and Pure Leaf is his favorite. I’m trying to convince him to write a blog post on how to make the best sweet tea because it is an art that he has mastered (I think you have to have been born in the south to have the skill) but this is the tea we have been using. I didn’t even know they sold a loose leaf tea but it is quite good!

I am obsessed with White Tea right now. It is delicious and it has a lot less caffeine than black tea. I am enjoying a cup early in the morning on my porch while I enjoy the cool weather. I drink mine without anything in it generally!


This concludes my family’s guide to tea!  I hope you can find your own family favorites and bring Poetry Tea Time to your life soon! If you are looking for my favorite poetry books. Look here!

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