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Summer Homeschooling Hacks

Breathe. In and out…..it is summer. Feel the honey warm sun on your skin, smell the strawberries ripening, hear the kids running in and out of your house leaving the door open each time…..summer time.

I am a year round homeschooler. You can read why here. The purpose for this post is to share some hacks to help you make the most of the summer that lies before you!

  1. Prepare Breakfast the Night Before. A good tip for any season but a lifesaver during summer. I like to do yogurt parfaits labeled with each child’s name.
  2. Eat outside whenever you possibly can. Prepare the food too. Keep the mess outside. Plus the kids think it is awesome so you fill up their little emotional bank accounts. It really is a win-win.
  3. Create a summer rhythm. Summer gets hectic despite your best intentions. There are so many add on activities. I find that setting a baseline rhythm really helps on those weeks when you are at home. It just makes it easy to keep some kind of flow to your day.
  4. Get outside. Just keep in mind that UV rays are at their most damaging from 10-4 . So get outside, hike, swim and bike but stay safe too. Always wear sunscreen (mineral based is our favorite!)

So what does summer school look like?

Every summer starts with an official check in with my kids. I actually sit each one down individually and ask them what they are looking forward to learning. We work together to make a list of the things that are important to them. We also talk about some things that I think are important and check in if that seems right.

I take the lists that each of my children and I have created together and then work to create educational experiences for each child. I often start with our read alouds and recently I’ve been trying to find one book per child then something I like to add in as well. I love read alouds because they offer the opportunity for all my children to learn together without a ton of effort on my part.

I also come up with a family learning project for the summer.  This summer it is the Un-Road Trip you can find here.

The last piece of my puzzle is figuring out how to execute the plan each day. This is when I pull out the master calendar and figure out when we have time for each part of my plan. I start with the things that my kids have shared as the most important. Then I add in my priorities that we have discussed together. Then I figure out when do we have time to add a little enchantment? Is there an adventure we could do in the dregs of summer when there are a couple of weeks in a row without any fun extras? And finally I make sure we have some time outside. Somewhere in the week.

So that is an overview of how I come up with my master summer school plan. What about you? What is on tap for your family this summer? I would love to know! Tag me on Instagram with your summer adventures or comment below!


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