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Summer Hack 50 States UN-Roadtrip Optional Extras

My goal is to provide a complete experience for you to study the 50 States this summer. But sometimes I like a little extra background and some extra activities. I picture it like strapping that extra storage compartment to the top of the mini van. Do we need these resources? Can you make up a really fun states game? Absolutely.  In my mind using using resources just makes it a little bit easier.

I enjoy using the Trail Guide to U.S. Geography. Especially for older students who want to dig a little deeper. There are so many fabulous ideas and activities in this book. Especially for kids in upper elementary and middle school. And let’s be honest the price is great! And I’ve linked it below because well it’s easy.

The second resource is Draw the USA I am going to use this resource because my son is artistic and absolutely loves to draw and drawing is a struggle for me. I am a huge fan of finding great resources to supplement my weaknesses. Also in my college geography courses our final exam was to draw the world. It was one of my favorite exams of all time even though I am not an artist. It really cemented geography in my mind and I think my kids can learn this way as well. I’m really excited to give it a whirl!

The third resource is Scrambled States. Anytime we can turn any subject into game school. It is a win as far as I’m concerned. And this game is so fun! Even my husband likes it and he is decidedly not as interested in geography as yours truly!

Scratch off World Map. This is a resource you could use for a long time way beyond our study of the 50 United States. I think it would be so much fun to scratch off each country as you complete studying it (or reading a book from there, visiting, eating some food from there you could go so many ways).  This one has each of the United States outlined and I think my kids would love scratching off each state as we complete our study of the state. It is almost like leveling up!

So strap down those cargo carriers and come follow me on Pinterest! I am finding some really great resources and pinning them daily! I’d love to connect with you there!

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